Distracted in 2016? Reboot Your Phone with Mindfulness

This piece has also been cross-posted to Medium.

People often tell me that starting a movement for a whole new type of technology that’s built to help people spend their time well sounds nice (and naïvely ambitious), but what are the things I can do to have a more mindful relationship with my devices right now?”

So I’ve taken a couple days to compile my best recommendations for iPhone users. The tips below are meant to:

  • Minimize Compulsive Checking & Phantom Buzzes
  • Minimize Fear of Missing Something Important
  • Minimize Unconscious Use
  • Minimize “Leaky” Interactions (“leaking out” into something unintended)
  • Minimize Unnecessary Psychological Concerns generated by the screen.

Note: These recommendations are for people who live by their smartphone (not casual users), and they’re based on findings from psychology and behavioral science.

Tip #1: Create Your “Essential” Home Screen 

We check our phone 150 times a day, and each time we unlock to see that grid of apps and red badges signaling everything we’ve missed, it immediately triggers a whole set of thoughts, feelings and concerns in our mind.

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